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postheadericon Fuel Additives

Our principal, ADERCO, provides fuel additives with optimum efficiency. 

ADERCO was founded in 1981 with its head office in Montreal. It has now service offices and technical, sales and distribution representatives in Belgium, Singapore and warehouses in the most strategic ports worldwide.

What are ADERCO Additives?

1/ HFO sludge dispersant, incompatibility control and combustion improver – ADERCO 2055G

This brand new – vegetal extracts derivative product has been designed to overcome fuel-related problems during the operation of 2 stoke and 4 stroke diesel engines. ADERCO additive utilizes new fuel additive technology. Since they are an extremely concentrated surfactant, they are 100% environmental friendly, completely ashless and metal free. ADERCO additive improves operations before, during and after combustion. No special equipment is required to add ADERCO additives to the storage tanks. ADERCO is extremely concentrated and effective, right from storage tank to the funnel. With only one product, your need to stock less chemicals on board. 

What are the Advantages of ADERCO 2055G?
√ Cost savings – reduce maintenance costs – extends time between overhauls
√ Reduce fuel oil incompatibility and disperse sludge
√ Improves fuel equipments operation
√ Improves combustion efficiency – reduce soot and fire hazards
√ Reduces PM emissions 
√ 1 litre per 55 tonnes
√ Easy to use – one product from tank to funnel

Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. 

2/ Ultra Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil lubricity improver – ADERCO L1050 

To address excessive wear problems in fuel pumps and fuel injection system due to the lack of fuel lubricity. ADERCO will alleviate excessive operational and maintenance issues when burning low lubricity fuels and reduce the trouble of engine start-up and HFO to MGO change-over.